122 Scorer Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN7 7SX
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In the first instance, an initial inquiry should be made by telephone or in writing to Adrian O'Brien the Registered Manager. He or an appointed representative will be pleased to meet with any prospective Resident, Family, or Social Worker to discuss any needs and service requirements.

After the initial discussion, a referral form will be sent by post which should be completed and returned to Adrian O'Brien, 122 Scorer Street, Lincoln, LN5 7SX.


The assessment is a two way process. 122 Scorer Street needs to assess the needs of and what services can be offered to the potential Resident. The referring agent will need to assess whether 122 Scorer Street is the best option to meet such needs.

After the initial approach and completion of the application form an interview and visits to 122 Scorer Street will be arranged. The visits will provide opportunities for discussions and for the potential Resident to experience the 122 Scorer Street atmosphere.

On completion of this initial assessment period, where 122 Scorer Street will work in partnership with the referring agent, potential resident and significant others, an admission meeting will be convened. At this meeting a contract of service will be agreed, specifying service levels, any special requirements and service costs.