122 Scorer Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN7 7SX
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Day Care and Programmes


All Residents and staff are expected to attend regular meetings at mutual convenience to discuss the operation of the home and activities.

In House

122 Scorer Street is essentially a formative rather than a merely residential facility, wherein residents are encouraged to be pro-active in organising activities rather than just participating in what is otherwise provided.

Standing provisions include the customary range of domestic tasks, commensurate with independent living in mainstream society, (e.g. cooking, cleaning, domestic budgeting, simple domestic maintenance, etc).

Each bedroom is equipped with a P.C. Residents are encouraged to use this facility to assist them in day to day living and recreation.

Interaction between occupants is actively encouraged and a range of board games, etc is provided. There is a well-stocked library within the house and all residents are enrolled as members of the local Public Library. (The Public Library is within 10 minutes walk of the house). A small sensory garden with patio, lawn, floral facilities and garden furniture requires regular maintenance.


122 Scorer Street is the lessee of an 'Allotment', providing fresh fruit and vegetables (This facility requires regular attention). The residents are encouraged to access the local amenities, such as pubs, restaurants, bowling alley, golf courses, hairdressers, etc.

Opportunities for Employment
Family of the management own a farm, which includes a riding stable. Residents have the opportunity for paid casual employment at this facility.

Links have been established with sheltered workshops and other facilities that will provide suitable worthwhile employment opportunities.


122 Scorer Street promotes balanced nutrition as a key component in the service user's personal care plan. A varied menu of fresh products is offered. Particular dietary requirements, including vegetarian, religious, and cultural diets or medically required diets can be catered for. As part of their care plan all service users are encouraged to participate in food preparation and to increasingly self cater, under supervision.


All Service users will be registered with a local general practitioner and will receive standard access to all NHS services.

No direct nursing care can be provided by 122 Scorer Street.

Ideally, all service users have annual optical and six monthly dental checks.

Each service user's care plan will contain details of their health record. Any special procedures to be followed by staff at 122 Scorer Street regarding diet, exercise, seizures, medication etc., will be held on record. Wherever possible, as part of the service usrs care plan, service users will be encouraged, progressively to take personal responsibility for their medication, with whatever support is required. In all other cases, medication will be securely stored in the office and dispensed by trained staff using the Boots MDS system, and strictly in accordance with medical instructions.

Medication policies comply with registration requirements


122 Scorer Street is a non-denominational body which recognises the importance of religion and culture in the life of service users.

122 Scorer Street will take all reasonable measures to meet the religious and cultural requirements of all service users in our care. Contact is maintained with local religious and community leaders.

Sample Documents

Referral Assessment Pack

Monthly Care Plan Assessment

Annual Care Plan Summary

Individual Care Plan