122 Scorer Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN7 7SX
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Frequently asked Questions

How does 122 Scorer Street ensure the views of the people who use the services are promoted?

Weekly service user meetings, monthly discussions with Kathryn Skaskiw (Quality Manager) and six monthly service user, family and funding authority questionnaires. As a result of listening to service users and families, we have made changes to individual programmes, meal times, decoration of home and service user bedroom, and fitted an en-suite to a service user's bedroom.

Does 122 Scorer Street admit service users without an assessment?

No, 122 Scorer Street only admit service users with a comprehensive care assessment of their needs, which is undertaken by the Registered Manager (the form of assessment may vary according to the nature of the referral). This assessment may involve input from other agencies such as health and social services.

How often does 122 Scorer Street assess service users in their care?

All service users are continually assessed, with care plans reviewed and updated monthly or when the need arises. These reviews are discussed at length with the service user present allowing him/her to comment and make suggestions.

Does 122 Scorer Street operate a key worker system?

Yes, on admission each service user will be allocated a key worker of their choice, who will be supported by a co-worker.

What is a Care Plan?

A plan of care that meets all assessed educational, employment, personal, health and social needs reflecting at all times the service user's preferences and choices, wants and wishes, hopes and expectations.

What Health Care support does 122 Scorer Street offer?

All service users will be registered with:

  • A local GP (having regular visits and medication reviews)
  • A dentist
  • A chiropodist
  • An Optician
  • Any other practitioner as required

Does 122 Scorer Street administer medication to service users who can not self medicate?

Yes, 122 Scorer Street has a medication policy and procedures, which complies with registration requirements and uses the Boots MDS Service (Medication Distribution System). All staff are trained in the safe handling of medication and receive annual update training. All medication records are checked regularly by a visiting pharmacist.

Does 122 Scorer Street have a complaints procedure?

Yes, 122 Scorer Street has a robust complaints procedure, adult protection information for the staff, service users and visitors, which includes:

  • Lincolnshire adult protection guidance
  • Department of Health 'no secrets' document
  • General Social Care Council's Codes of Practice
  • Guidance on the Mental Capacity Act
  • Guide for disabled people, those with health conditions, and carers

Is 122 Scorer Street properly maintained?

Yes, 122 Scorer Street's Premises and grounds are systematically and routinely maintained and refurbished as needed with a planned maintenance programme and records kept of all work undertaken. The premises comply with local fire service, environmental health department, health and safety and building Acts and Regulations. We also comply with required standards of cleanliness and hygiene with systems in place to control the spread of infection.

Can Service users bring into 122 Scorer Street their own furniture?

All service users are more than welcome to furnish their rooms with their own furniture (the care team will offer any support required).

Does 122 Scorer Street have appropriate recruitment policies and procedures?

Yes, all recruitment policies and procedures are based on equal opportunities and developed to ensure the protection of service users. Staff are confirmed in post following completion of satisfactory criminal records bureau check, the protection of vulnerable adults check, receipt of two references (one being from present or most recent employer), and on completion of a three month probationary period. The staff team are employed in accordance with the codes of conduct and practice set by the General Social Care Council (GSCC), have a written contract of employment, job description with roles and responsibilities stating all terms and conditions.

What training does the staff team receive?

All staff complete the following training:

  • Scorer Street's in-house induction programme
  • Working in care induction standards
  • Diploma level care programmes
  • Fire safety
  • Health and safety
  • Moving and handling
  • Basic food hygiene
  • The mental health act
  • The mental capacity act
  • Autism/Aspergers Syndrome
  • Adult protection
  • Safe handling of medication
  • First aid
  • Key worker system
  • Policies and procedures (122 Scorer Street)
  • Care standards
  • Report writing
  • Care plans

All staff and management has an individual development plan, receives an annual appraisal, 6 weekly supervisions and day to day support from the management team.

What is the Registered Manager Role?

The Registered Manager ensures the home achieves its written aims and objectives, all policies and procedures are implemented, the home's budget is properly managed, certificates and licenses are obtained and displayed, service users' written contracts are completed and their terms and conditions fulfilled, the home complies with the requirements of the Health & Social Care Act 2008 and Regulated Activities Regulations 2010, and the home complies with the codes of practice issued by the General Social Care Council (GSCC) and other legal requirements.

What qualifications and experience does the Registered Manager possess?

The Registered Manager, Adrian O'Brien, is NVQ Level 4 RMA qualified and, in addition, has some twenty years experience working with people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities in both direct care and management positions.

Does 122 Scorer Street have a quality system in place?

Yes, the Quality Manager  completes and records monthly quality audits on the management of the home. Three monthly reviews of all policies, procedures and practices, six monthly questionnaires are issued to the service users, their family, funding authority and visitors with the results published and made available to current and prospective service user, their families, social workers and other interested parties. 122 Scorer street has good quality management systems and has achieved 'Investors in People' recognition.