122 Scorer Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN7 7SX
Telephone: 01522 804167 |

Our Purpose

  • To provide a comfortable, family like home for adults with a Learning Disability/ high functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • To facilitate those people in realising their full potential within their community
  • To enable those adults to remain as independent as possible

Each and every resident is respected as an individual having unique needs and requirements.

On admission, an individual key worker is allocated to a resident. That key worker's role is to work closely with the resident, their family or carer and other relevant bodies, in formulating and implementing an individual 'Care Plan'.

This 'Care Plan' is a holistic concept and will address every aspect of the resident's life whilst they are living at 122 Scorer Street.

The 'Care Plan' is reviewed at regular intervals, with all relevant parties having the opportunity of giving input and making amendments as required.